The Artists Pad


TAP doesn’t just offer a spacious and comfortable place to stay, it also offers a whole world of inspiration. From furniture collected by the owners over the past 10 years to the artwork on the walls from some of the finest photographers and artists both local and internationally renowned alike.



The Artists Pad is a unique retreat in the heart of the peaceful seaside town, Saltburn~by~the~Sea. Created by artists for either the tasteful traveller searching for a unique getaway by the beach, or for fellow artists looking for a little downtime or inspiration outside of their studios.

TAP doesn’t only offer you a spacious and comfortable place to stay, we also offer a whole world of inspiration. Once inside you will see our walls covered in artwork from some of the finest artists, both locally and internationally renowned alike, to our rooms being adorned with furniture collected by the founders over the past decade. And this, combined with over 100 carefully curated books for you to read and take inspiration from during your stay, we are striving to ensure that TAP offers the guests inspiration at every turn.

TAP also actively pursues artists to offer a retreat to stay. Perhaps during times they may need inspiration, be it for new commercial briefs or new personal work, we want to help you find that peaceful space where your ideas can flow. And for those moments you need to escape the studio, we are just a 5-minute walk away from the beachfront where you can take solace from the stresses of emails and phone calls and appreciate the world we all live in.

Since 2015, Saltburn~by~the~Sea has been a constant source of inspiration and calm for both TAP's founders, Ben Benoliel and Neil Bedford. Having both shared busy lives in the capital city, the founders wanted a space where they could work and forget the stresses and anxieties of living in London and Saltburn~by~the~Sea was their answer.

TAP's art collection showcases pieces by Daft Apeth, Kevin Cummins, Alex Soth, KAWS, Ritchie Culver and Bob Mitchell with furniture by New Boosbeck Design, Seletti, Kartell and Tom Dixon as well as personally signed pieces of work and objects from a host of influential subjects.

TAP now opens its space and our concept for others to benefit from and we hope to welcome you to our special little place in the North East of England.

Love and loving,
Ben & Neil